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Smartphones have moved ahead of laptops for the first time ever in the UK as the preferred devices for connecting online, according to a report by Ofcom (August 2015).  In 2014, 33% of Britons opted for smartphones as the device of choice ahead of 30% who preferred laptops. This has been described as a "landmark moment".

Having a website that is mobile-friendly has never been more crucial to your online success.  

Come across these phrases?

  • Responsive websites
  • Adaptive design
  • Mobile friendly websites

Got some questions on the following?

  • What is responsive web design?
  • Is my website responsive?
  • Do I need a responsive website?

These phrases all have a similar meaning and refer to the way in which a website is coded to restructure and reorganise itself based upon the type of device someone uses to view the site - desktop, tablet or mobile phone.


responsive websites

One website for every screen

If you have a non-responsive website, your site will always appear exactly the same across all devices, so the content that looks great on a desktop will be hard to view and navigate on a smaller mobile phone screen.

According to the latest Ofcom figures, there are over 83 million mobile phone users in the UK and according to research conducted by TNS on behalf of Google in 2014, 32% of people in the UK make a monthly purchase on their smartphone, with the average annual online shopping spend per person totalling £1,083.

Without a responsive website, you could be making it harder for your website visitors to see what you're offering, which could potentially mean losing customers to a competitor. The number of people using mobile and tablet devices to access the internet is constantly increasing, so if over 20% of your website visitors are viewing your website using mobile phones or tablets then you need to consider making your website responsive.

All our new website developments use a front-end framework that is specifically designed for responsive website structuring to enhance the user experience. This means that your website will be designed and built with all devices in mind, ensuring that it looks and functions correctly whether you're navigating it at work on your PC, on your iPad whilst at home or using your mobile phone whilst on the move.

"Web design is responsive design. Responsive web design is web design, done right." 

Andrew Clarke


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