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Mission for Heelys

Since their creation in 1999, Heelys have become recognisable across the world as being the two-in-one shoe that allows you to both roll and walk. Having had their existing site for some time, Heelys came to us in 2013 with a need to refocus on attracting their target market and the younger generation by taking advantage of newer trends that modern online shoppers follow.

Solution for Heelys

In order to achieve this objective, our team set about creating a modern and stylish site with the intention of appealing to their target market and keeping within their brand guidelines. Bright colours and large images were used to complement a simple design, meaning that even the youngest online shoppers can navigate the site quickly to find what they are looking for. A section of the site was dedicated to showcasing the “Heelys World” – a page that lets kids and teenagers get a look at new designs, catch up with Heely-wearing celebrities and watch videos of the latest Heelys tricks to try out. These pages uses Masonry software alongside an Isotope plug-in and load-on-viewport techniques to organise and showcase the images.

Although this site is not e-commerce, there is still a focus on improving sales as our team implemented a ‘store finder’ in order to help potential customers locate their nearest Heelys stockist. This system is connected directly to their stockist database so it constantly provides an up-to-date view of where you can buy Heelys. A quick contact page for any customer questions and all the popular social media icons are clearly displayed on every page.

The website is translated into a number of different languages and provides simple transitions between each to ensure that their European customers can find their favourite Heelys products across the website quickly.

Result for Heelys

This website boosted the online presence and visibility of Heelys in Europe by giving it a refreshed and modern look combined with our popular store finder page. This stylish site displays the great range of products available through visually engaging content that attracts the younger generation and it continues to move up the search engine rankings today.


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