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Mission for Vintage Sales Room

Vintage Sales Room enlisted the help of Bespoke 4 Business in 2014 to create a new website that would provide them with a platform to target a growing market and boost online sales. With thousands of vintage items available including artwork, furniture, jewellery and other collectibles, the new e-commerce site needed to promote a wide range of different products whilst remaining visually engaging and easy to navigate.

Solution for Vintage Sales Room

The key to the success of this site was its modern design and style. After liaising with the Vintage Sales Room team, we set about creating a custom layout that used bold colours and product images to guide the user from one page to the next. A simple grey menu was used to move attention further down to a column of 12 colourful buttons including ‘hot deals’, ‘framed decorative mirrors’ and ‘designer watch collection’. Rather than using text on the homepage, the attention of the user is grabbed by these bright buttons and they are used to move visitors around the range of products available across the website. Individual product pages promote the easy purchase process of calling directly or simply making use of PayPal.

The custom CMS platform was created with tiered access levels, with the Super-Admin able to create new 'Seller' accounts. These 'Sellers' are able to list their own vintage products on the website for sale, reducing the amount of administration required by the main company to keep their products up-to-date.

Result for Vintage Sales Room

The new site was launched and immediately received positive reviews from both customers and the team at Vintage Sales Room. There has also been an uplift in organic search traffic, giving the business improved online visibility and an overall increase in product purchases. This stylish site now stands out for displaying its great range of products through visually engaging content.


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