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Mission for Brazilian Storm

Founded recently in 2012, Brazilian Storm is a provider of high quality surf wear that embraces positive opportunities and lifestyle choices.They contacted Bespoke looking to design a modern new website that showcased their range of products and allowed customers to make purchases online. It was also vitally important for the new site to resonate with their target market and help their business continue to grow.

Solution for Brazilian Storm

With the business still in its infancy, our creative team were keen to give Brazilian Storm a platform on which to develop and improve their sales figures. As a result, Bespoke took this opportunity to maximise the visual impact of the site by using a large scrolling banner across the homepage, with a focus on their new t-shirts. Our team knew that showcasing the products was crucial for this site, and they did this by including a selection of products positioned across the page to grab the attention of any potential customers. Dividing the homepage up into a series of sections guides the user to the online store, with a simple menu providing easy navigation to contact details and social media sites. Increasing the online presence of this brand was considered very important during the discussions about this new site, and the inclusion of a blog should continue to improve the search engine ranking of Brazilian Storm going forward.

Result for Brazilian Storm

Having relaunched this website just a few months ago, there has been a positive reaction from the Brazilian Storm fan base and sales have remained consistent despite the dramatic change. Although only a relatively small site at the moment, there has been a steady increase in organic traffic since launch and we are working with the team at Brazilian Storm to improve this further, as well as helping them to improve their search engine ranking.


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