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Mission for House of Intelligence

As a clothing line inspired by knowledge, House of Intelligence aim to create fashion with substance and meaning. In order to reflect the quirky nature of their products, we were entrusted with the task of designing and creating a unique website that would appeal to the target audience and improve the online performance of the business. Being based entirely online, this new site was going to be crucially important going forward.

Solution for House of Intelligence

After extensive market research and consultation with the client, our design team created a distinctive layout that emphasised the individuality of their clothing line. Using a white background, the high quality images of models provided by the client could be used to create maximum impact. A full-screen moving banner of these images immediately showcases some of the products to any user and highlights their conceptual nature. The menu was kept very basic and simply guides the user to the clothing collections available alongside FAQs and contact details.

As an e-commerce site, customers can browse whilst adding items to their basket as they go, and any purchases can be made quickly using our in-built point of sale system. Our team also included a ‘wish list’ feature, allowing potential customers to create a list of clothing they would like to save and purchase at a later date.

Result for House of Intelligence

After the launch of this unique site, there has been a boost to the online profile of House Of Intelligence as it now displays the great range of abstract products available through visually engaging content. There has also been an increase in organic traffic thanks to an improvement in search engine results. With just two clothing collections offered at this point, there is still plenty of room for this website to grow.


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