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Mission for Ringwood & District Anglers Association

Offering an exciting experience for all types of angler, Ringwood & District Anglers Association has existed for over 50 years and is recognised as one of the most extensive angling areas in the south of England. Needing to refresh their aging website, they contacted Bespoke 4 Business with a view to improving the size of their membership and increasing their online presence.

Solution for Ringwood & District Anglers Association

In order to attract more visitors to the site and increase membership applications, the new site was designed to be both visually engaging and informative. As the site was going to be quite large, our team opted to create a mega menu which could be used as a starting point for the user by presenting the pages in an organised format. This was especially important when completing the ‘venues’ section, as the Association currently maintains 17 lakes and 28 river areas which all had to be individually highlighted. Each venue page has the relevant information needed for a potential member including opening times, species of fish, location and detailed advisory notes. The site is very visual and uses images of fish, anglers and the beautiful venues across all pages to give the user a real insight into what being a member can offer.

Result for Ringwood & District Anglers Association

The new site perfectly meets all the criteria set out by the Ringwood & District Anglers Association and since its launch, they have seen a rise in traffic which has led to more membership applications. With more users spending longer on the site thanks to the improved ranking of the site on search engine results, the future looks bright for this established angling association.


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