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Mission for Natural Images

Bespoke 4 Business were enlisted by Natural Images to create a new professional photography website that would showcase her talent as a modern, contemporary photographer. Owner Debbie Harrowell had begun to expand Natural Images further than her existing site could handle, and it was no longer an accurate representation of the high quality photographs that she was now producing. The site needed to be more impressive and more stylish, alongside its ultimate goal of trying to generate more business.

Solution for Natural Images

It was immediately clear that the photographs had to be at the heart of this new website. Our team designed a unique homepage that immediately showcased everything that was good about Debbie’s photography skills. This customisable layout allowed us to include as many photos as possible to demonstrate the high quality of image and the potential results a client could benefit from. With a wide range of different photo shoot options, the new site stands out from the competition by highlighting all the available choices up front. The simple colour scheme of white, pink and black allows the photography to take centre stage as this is what potential clients will be primarily looking at. The individual pages list all the relevant information such as costs and time constraints to help the user make an informed choice, and the contact number is clearly highlighted at the top of every page.

Result for Natural Images

Natural Images were delighted with the new website, and there was an immediate increase in enquiries and bookings. Also, Debbie is pleased that there is scope for her to expand the online portfolio and increase the number of example photographs on the site at a later date. This unique site displays the great range of photography options available through visually engaging images that successfully attracts the target market, and it continues to move up the search engine rankings today.


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