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Mission for MB Wilkes

MB Wilkes enlisted the help of Bespoke 4 Busines to create a website which makes selling sand gravel more attractive and simplify a complex delivery area. The website also needed to have the option to order products by tonnage as well as cubic capacity. As well as this, the new website was required in order to drive more traffic to their site.

Solution for MB Wilkes

The team made the complex delivery system simple by using our content management system. The integrated bespoke calculator uses product weight and density to calculate price per tonne. As well as this, the option was created for products to be delivered on a specific chosen date in a calendar menu with AM or PM slots.

Result for MB Wilkes

MB Wilkes have seen a month on month increase in traffic and sales since the launch of their website.


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I have to say I enjoy working with all the staff at B4B. I find them all warming and attentive to all our requests. The website functions well with great customer feedback. We gave B4B a hell of a task with little input and had high expectations, they delivered on all aspects. We have also entered into a year SEO Silver contract and again are pleased with results. We have one of the SEO team visit us bi-monthly to talk us through the reports as frankly we don’t fully understand, this helps us greatly. I have umpteen calls a week from SEO and Web companies but with the relationship I have with B4B we are not looking to move. The friendly relationship, access to staff, even mobile numbers makes us feel we have an extended part of our team.

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