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W&S Recycling SEO Case Study

The B4B SEO marketing team developed an SEO campaign for waste disposal company W&S Recycling, which vastly increased their search engine rankings and visibility online.

B4B were chosen to help W&S Recycling improve their SEO, following the creation of their new website. The SEO campaign was put in place to ensure that their services were found easily by their target audience and above those of their competitors. 

What we did

In order to compose an SEO strategy that would help W&S climb the search engine rankings and increase their visibility online, we started the process with research and analysis to get to know their business and goals, particularly focusing on the locations of Dorset, Oxfordshire and Yeovil, where the client is based. We also paid close attention to user behaviour of those that visited W&S' existing site and created a tailored campaign that would help to boost the interaction between the client and their website visitors.

"A 182% increase in traffic"

What we achieved

Our SEO campaign with W&S began in January 2017. By creating relevant and engaging content, which included the design and development of their website and building high-quality links to their site from other websites, we managed to almost triple the number of users who visited their website month-on-month, seeing a 182% increase in little over 1 year. As well as an increase in traffic, we have also helped the client's website to now rank on page 1 of Google for 42 keywords, targeting their key business areas and services.

W&S is just one of a selection of clients we manage SEO for in order to increase search engine rankings and visibility online.

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W&S Recycling SEO Case Study

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