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Mission for Supersonic Science Professor

Supersonic Science Professor wanted a website which would be a better visual representation of the fun, education service that they offer. They were also eager to improve their organic search ranking and visibility on Google. It was important that the site had a serious, educational message but presented in a fun way.

Solution for Supersonic Science Professor

The team got to work creating a custom designed website with a bespoke animated header and custom built icons. Small touches of CSS coding were using throughout the site to bring aspects of the website alive and make them more engaging. We took time to carry out a photo shoot to gain better images of the experiments that the Supersonic Science Professor performs. As well as this, web development team edited their video into small, bite sized chunks to further showcase the experiments. The quick contact forms on each page encourage visitors to make booking enquiries.

Result for Supersonic Science Professor 

Since the launch of his website, the Supersonic Science Professor has seen a huge increase in online visibility. Visitors to the website are more engaging and therefore the site’s conversion rate has improved.


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Thank you to all the people at Bespoke4Business for working really hard to create They have done everything and more to ensure that I am a happy customer. Well done guys. They are a creative and unique crowd not like many on the net who create standard stock websites.. just check out my site to see what I mean.

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