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Mission for Chatuchak Market

With the prestigious title of the world’s largest weekend market and over 200,000 visitors every weekend, Chatuchak Market in Bangkok has more than 8,000 stalls selling products across 27 individual sections. We were delighted to take on the challenge of designing a website that would not only act as a detailed source of information for potential visitors, but also a promotional tool that could be used to grow its popularity further.

Solution for Chatuchak Market

Our design team wanted to bring Chatuchak Market into the 21st century by developing a website that had that special something. Our team wanted the site to act as a one-stop-shop for all new visitors, giving them all the information they need to get the most out of their visit to the market. With that goal in mind, the homepage was created around a fully interactive map of the market, built from completely from scratch, detailing the products on sale in each individual section of the market – helping customers to plan their visit more efficiently. Our team also wanted to present helpful and relevant information up front too, so local tips and a visitor guide for the market were both placed on the homepage as well. The bright, colourful layout chosen is both pleasing on the eye and reflective of the positive upbeat atmosphere of the market itself.

Result for Chatuchak Market

Our client commented that they were delighted with both the website and the service provided by the Bespoke team. This fantastic new site gives them the perfect platform to not only grow their customer base, but interact with them online through their social media channels. Since its launch, the site has already seen a spike in visitor numbers and we hope to see this trend continue in the coming months.


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