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Mission for Chasing Vintage & Antiques

Keeping you up to date with the past, Chasing Vintage & Antiques is a magazine dedicated to showcasing everything from the classic world. Having previously helped them with the website for their sister business Vintage Sale Room, Bespoke 4 Business were only too happy to design a fresh new layout for them with a focus on increasing their search engine ranking and organic traffic.

Solution for Chasing Vintage & Antiques

In a change to the previous Vintage Sale Room site, our design team wanted to maximise the visual impact of the magazine by using a main moving banner to catch the attention of the user. Below these, we placed several boxes that highlight the other businesses linked to Chasing Vintage & Antiques, encouraging users to explore all of the Vintage sites. With a simple menu bar designed to make navigation easier, the ‘directory’ section is a collection of images that link to a variety of classical websites chosen by the magazine. As word of mouth is crucial to the growth of this site, the social media icons are positioned high on the page and the team built a live Twitter feed onto the homepage to allow users to check out the latest updates and follow the site on their personal profiles.

Result for Chasing Vintage & Antiques

This site is designed to grab your attention with a bright banner that encourages you to explore and get lost in the huge directory page of vintage classic items. Since its release, there has been a steady rise in organic traffic and overall search engine ranking, and visits to the other Vintage sites have also increased as a result. Although a simple site, Chasing Vintage & Antiques have massively benefited for an improved online presence.


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