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Mission for Allenbrook

Established in 1989, Allenbrook has been one of the leading providers of home care for over 30 years in their local area of Fordingbridge, Hampshire. They have built an exceptional reputation in their community for providing decades of high-quality nursing and residential care. Their passionate team consists of registered nurses and care assistants that give 24-hour support to those who require it. Allenbrook is a part of Affinity Care Homes, who have previously worked with our web design team, and they recommend us due to our high-quality services. Allenbrook wanted to update their website and chose our reliable and cost-effective website design services. 

Solution for Allenbrook

We started working with Allenbrook in July 2018, and our team ensured the website went live in August. The client wanted their website to follow a simple theme, so it would not overwhelm people of various ages browsing the website. We chose a colour theme of blue, white and grey as it matched Allenbrook’s logo and overall brand. This colour palette is subtle yet stylish that will keep the website looking modern throughout the years.

Our web design team followed the brief of simplicity impeccably. We created a custom CMS website layout that only had relevant content, along with images of the team and the residential care home to give it a personal touch. The new navigation bar has 9 sections including ‘Homecare’, ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Testimonials’, and ‘Care’, to make it easy for users to quickly find what they’re looking for. Our web design team worked together with the SEO and Content Creation team to produce the high-quality informative content that’s across the website.

Result for Allenbrook

Our client is thrilled with their new website, that now is easy to navigate from its clear and concise layout. The website’s 9 sections in the navigation bar are simple to differentiate the different services the client provides, which has proven to be a hit already. We hope to work with Allenbrook Nursing & Residential care again in the future.


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