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Why Social Media is a fundamental part of your online marketing strategy

27th March 2017
Why Social Media is a fundamental part of your online marketing strategy

Nothing has transformed the global digital marketing industry quite like social media, so we thought we should take a look at why you can no longer consider online marketing without a social media presence.

When social media first took off, it hit the world like an asteroid; throwing up so much dust that people were blinded and confused, not really understanding what was happening or what they should do next. Now the dust has started to settle, the tremendous value that social media can offer has become apparent. It has transformed into one of the key cornerstones of an individuals' daily routine - meaning business can use it to influence things like brand awareness and online shopping habits.

What value can social media give a business?

Something that has always been key to operating a successful business is reputation and brand trust - this was true even before social media. If consumers trust your brand, they will be more likely to purchase through you.

With that in mind, social media gives businesses a unique way of connecting directly with their target audience. It allows a brand to communicate quickly, easily and globally with customers day and night. Adverts on Facebook and Instagram are the digital version of driving past motorway billboards - if you use the platform, you won't be able to avoid them.

If used correctly, social media can be used to help a business shape how consumers view their brand, establishing a story that people connect with and - most importantly - remember. Every day that a company shares meaningful content on social media is another day it is strengthening the foundations of its brand.

Why should you take social media seriously?

All of the most popular search engines take social media content very seriously, which means running a successful campaign can help boost your rankings for important keywords. For example, back in 2015 Google updated its algorithm to incorporate social media content into its search results, meaning your social media presence - or lack thereof - can help or hinder your rankings.

This ultimately means that it is more important than ever to actively operate social media across all the major platforms as the more content you generate, the more authority your brand will receive in its market.

We have reached a point in digital marketing where online campaigns are irrefutably linked to social media. You should no longer consider social media as just an additional component - if you are serious about taking on your competitors and growing your brand in the way you want, engaging with your customers directly should be top of your list.

View social media as a fantastic opportunity to reach out to your target market and you'll reap the potentially huge rewards on the other side. Interact with existing customers, attract new ones, highlight your ISPs, remedy errors or problems early and continuously grow your brand on a daily basis - social media can really do it all so it's time to start taking it seriously.

Does your business have an active social media campaign? Are you interacting with customers and maximising the return on your investment? If not, our social media specialists are here to help! Why not give us a call and arrange a meeting with our digital marketing experts? You can call on 01202 684400 or leave us a message here.

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