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What is Google My Business?

31st August 2018
What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a local business listing service that was created in June 2014. It’s been 4 years since its initial release date, but some local businesses still do not understand the multiple benefits they would receive from having it.

If you’re unsure on what a Google My Business listing looks like, look out for the section on the right-hand side that displays a business’s information such as images, address, working hours, phone number, and Google reviews. This listing gives an advantage to a business, as potential customers can quickly get the information they need and are more likely to contact you. Along with gaining insights into your customers' behaviours, and increasing your search visibility, it’s a fantastic marketing tool and it’s completely free!

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Reasons you need a Google My Business listing 

Good for local & mobile search

The main purpose of Google My Business listing is for local searchers to find your business easier. A large majority of people looking for cafes, restaurants, shops, or hairdressers expect the results that Google provides to be in their current location. “46% of all Google searches are local, while the GMB ‘three pack‘ of results appear in 9% of all local searches.” These statistics show that too many businesses are missing out from not having a Google My Business listing. Local search is very popular on mobile, so by having a Google My Business listing it would be a great advantage to have over your competition!

Makes it easier for customers to find you

As previously mentioned, by having a Google My Business listing it makes it easy for customers to know of your existence and visit you in-store. You can give people the information they need in no time at all! Say a potential customer has been recommended your services by a friend, your business is a short drive away from their home so they want to know that choosing you is the right decision. The person types your business name into Google and a My Business listing comes up with opening times, your address, phone number and product reviews. They see that your business has received many positive reviews from previous customers, which entices them to give you a visit! See how easy it can be?

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