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The benefit of long-tail keywords in SEO

1st November 2017
The benefit of long-tail keywords in SEO

Using long-tail keywords is the key to beating the competition. The main component to using SEO successfully is to imagine what people are searching for in search engines such as Google, if you brainstorm how people use the internet, you will conclude that people do in fact type in long queries to find a product or service. This ultimately means that if you use long-tail keywords it will most likely match popular searches and increase your website visitors, two of the main aims of SEO. Long-tail keywords account for 70% of all web searches, utilise this demographic and apply it to your SEO plan.

Long-tail keywords are beneficial, as they help generate organic search traffic to your website, creating more awareness of your business brand. Organic searches are more desirable to searchers; people don’t want to click on advertisements as they want someone they can trust. Organic business website searches that have excellent customer service and good products, will be placed organically higher on page one of results. Only 4% of Google searchers continue searching after the top five results suggest, which is an extremely low amount and not a percentage you want to be a part of. You should always strive in your SEO plan to be placed into the top three or five of search results and therefore available for 96% of potential customers.

Let’s put long-tail keywords into perspective, you are using Google to search for ‘Dog Groomers in Southampton open on a Sunday’ this is a long-tail keyword, as it is very niche and detailed, you want results to show up that are related and can provide you with this service. This is an average query in a search engine as no one wants to click through multiple websites to find what they are looking for; business websites need to cater for this in their SEO. Although ‘Dog Groomers’ may be a popular keyword in Google AdWords, realistically, would people just search for that? No! We type in detailed queries because we want to find what we’re looking for in an instant, and provide as much information to help search engines find our perfect result.

Another new aspect that affects SEO today is voice search. Amazon has reported it will sell 10 million Alexa smart speakers by the end of 2017, alongside the entire voice assisted market that includes Apple Home and Google Home expecting to sell 30 million voice search speakers this year. This large demographic should not be overlooked in a keyword campaign for any business. If you put yourself in the mindset of a potential client owning a voice search speaker, what kind of questions do you think they will ask? The majority will say long detailed searches into their device, as they don’t have the hassle of typing it. The novelty of the technology will encourage them to say more, long-tail keywords are ideal and can really thrive in your marketing campaign.

The important fact to remember is that people are always online for typically three reasons. They are either searching to do something, go somewhere, or learn something. If you constantly remember these three reasons to why potential customers are using certain keywords, then you will have the insight into improving your ongoing keyword campaign.

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