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Stand out in a competitive market

8th May 2018
Stand out in a competitive market

Standing out from the crowd can seem impossible to some of our clients, it can be tricky to form a business plan when you don't know what's unique about your brand. To be different from other businesses in your industry, you need to evaluate the reason a customer should choose you - what makes your business different and the best choice for them? 

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Interesting Content

Do you get bored reading the information that’s on your website? The content and images that surround your business’s website should be interesting and engaging, to keep potential customers browsing your services and products. Informative and educational content is always favourable to customers rather can keeping it general, websites that avoid answering popular questions will likely lose business. Also when relevant add eye-catching images or videos across your site, this will guarantee visitors spending more time on your website.

Show what’s unique about your business

When creating content you should always keep in mind who your target audience is, and stick with this demographic. Finding what makes your business different should be broadcasted on your website and found within your content. Does your team have many years of experience? Do you have the most competitively priced products or services? Is your product range unique? Utilise this to make you different from your competitors, you can grow a loyal following with this approach.

Follow trends in your industry

You can write regular content if your business has a ‘news’ or ‘blog’ section. This is where you can publish regular informative content, that also helps increase your rankings in Google. Focus on key changes or new trends within your industry and talk about it! It will make your business website relevant and knowledgeable, which is what customers are more inclined to explore.

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Facebook Watch video launches globally

Facebook Watch video launches globally

4th September 2018

If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you may have noticed a new feature. Facebook’s new video service, ‘Watch’, has just been rolled out worldwide, a year after its launch in the US.


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