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The importance of a consistent brand voice

2nd January 2018
The importance of a consistent brand voice

Keeping a consistent brand voice across your website, social media and advertising is very important in creating a solid brand identity. If your business has its own distinctive voice, then customers will be able to more easily identify your brand from amongst your competition.

However, this can be more challenging than you think: should your content tone be casual or serious? Informative or more whimsical? It can be difficult to pin down exactly how you want to come across to your customers, however, once you’ve determined how you want to sound to them, it’s important to keep this consistent across all channels of communication.

So how do you find your brand’s voice? Here are some tips on how to work towards developing a unique and fitting tone for your business:

Take a close look at your brand and customers

The first step is to analyse your own brand and think about your core values and what you most want to get across to potential customers, whomever you decide these are. It should be easy for a customer of a brand with a distinctive voice to sum up that presence in about three words, so brainstorm ideas for what words you want customers to first think of when describing your brand.

Aim to stand out

Look at your competitors: are they all using a similar tone of voice? If so, then this could be a fantastic opportunity for your brand to differentiate itself from the competition by forging its own unique voice. If you simply copy other brands, even if they are successful ones, then you are saying that your products or services are simply more of the same and people won’t find that very interesting.

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Facebook Watch video launches globally

Facebook Watch video launches globally

4th September 2018

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