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How you should present your brand on social media

27th April 2018
How you should present your brand on social media

Social media is quickly taking over the world with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin playing a big part in both personal and business use across the globe. Facebook is the biggest social network currently, with 1.55 billion active monthly users every business should have an account and be engaging with their customers. How you present your business on social media is extremely important, and should be taken just as seriously as the front of a store.

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Consistent username 

Having a relevant username in your business social media accounts shows brand consistency. Increasing your visibility and spreading brand awareness is the main aim using social media, and it’s easier to do when all your social media accounts have the same username. Customers can find you easier and will recognise you more often if you use the same social handles.

Positive brand exposure 

How your brand is perceived by your clientele is the difference between success and struggle. Social media is your business’s digital presence, it's just as important as your physical store or establishment. Your colour scheme, logo, posts, customer service and information you provide all ties together to show what kind of business you are to visitors - it’s important to get right.

Using the right social media platforms

Creating accounts with social platforms that are relevant and beneficial to your brand should be taken into consideration. For example, if you have a plumbing business creating an Instagram or Pinterest profile isn’t going to be targeting your desired audiences. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin would be more suitable for your brand as its more product and business focused.

Regular posting schedule

Implementing a regular and consistent social posting schedule is only going to increase the number of likes and followers you gain. Aim for two to three posts a week to show that you’re an active page, whilst not bombarding your following with too much content. Taking long extended periods of time offline social media will make you look inconsistent, and that you don’t care about informing your customers about your business adventures and news. Always add images and links to your social posts so that they catch people’s attention, and get them onto your website.

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VW to boost digital marketing as part of “efficiency streamline”

VW to boost digital marketing as part of “efficiency streamline”

30th November 2018

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Facebook Watch video launches globally

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