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How you can see what Twitter thinks it knows about you

18th May 2017
How you can see what Twitter thinks it knows about you

Twitter’s new update means that it is now able to track you across the internet.

The latest update from Twitter has been announced which will identify and collect internet browsing data from users when they visit websites that have a twitter feed embedded or a tweet button. This information will be stored for a period of thirty days and will be used to ‘further improve and personalise’ its adverts.

It also shows a list of all the devices and browsers that you have logged in on which can be found on ‘See your last 50 logins’ which also provides information on the device used and the IP address for those logins.

The changes which were announced today in an update to Twitter’s privacy policy also includes a brand-new section that allows users to potential network profiles that have been created based on their Twitter activity. For example, it might include your interests and hobbies, apps that you have downloaded and more. It also tries to ascertain your age range, gender, language, location and contact details.

Those that have tested this new feature have had mixed results, one user has reported that the list was ‘somewhat vague’ and it included interests that the user didn’t have was a mystery!

Twitter’s partners also get a look in and information is stored about what Twitter’s partners think about you – this can include if you are a property owner, a car owner and your likely income and spending habits. Twitter has confirmed that this information has been gleaned based on users shopping decisions and behaviours.
You can also see what audiences that Twitter think you are part of and subsequently how many advertisers are interested in you (as a consumer)

If you do not want to be tracked, you will be delighted to hear that you can edit and manage what information that Twitter can access and share about you. All you need to do is to go to privacy and safety, personalisation and data and click to edit. Here you can choose whether you want Twitter to track your web activity and if they are able to share your data with their partners.

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