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How to use LinkedIn to get your dream job

22nd October 2017
 How to use LinkedIn to get your dream job

LinkedIn was officially launched in 2003 and 14 years later has become the leading social media networking site on the internet. With half a billion members, and 319 million active monthly members, LinkedIn shouldn't be taken for granted. Not only a networking website, it also includes a “LinkedIn Learning” section where you can learn or maintain skills that can be useful to your career. Each connection extends your professional network on by 400 people, 100 companies, and 500 jobs on average. Seize the opportunities that LinkedIn offers you, as with those statistics it's hard to deny that it can greatly benefit your work network, and could possibly find you your dream job. Use your LinkedIn profile to advance your potential online by following these 3 tips and you’ll have your dream job in no time.

Update your profile regularly

Is your profile up-to-date? Although a fairly obvious start, your profile should include all work information up to the current date. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your achievements and highlight previous projects. Your LinkedIn profile should also reflect what you are looking for in your next job, which makes a recruiter's job easier when contacting you. Your profile summary needs to include skills that are relevant for the job you are looking for, and add keywords in your profile to show that you’re a perfect match for job positions that are advertised, to ensure your consideration.

Always keep it professional

LinkedIn may be a social media networking site but try to think about the image you are portraying to potential employers. If your picture or cover photo is you partying in Ibiza or drinking alcohol, then this isn’t going to make the best professional impression to people viewing your profile. If you can hire a photographer to get a professional headshot, then do it! Use this picture on your LinkedIn profile picture, and use a basic photo for your cover photo that's related to your job. For example, if you’re a musician, use a simple photo of you playing an instrument

Network with people that work in your desired career path

Connecting with random people on LinkedIn may boost your network connection number but has it found you your dream job? Probably not. Your connections should be people you know and people you want to get to know; sending LinkedIn requests to connect to people that work in your dream job or industry is how you should use the social media site. When applying for jobs, don’t just send your CV and wait till they contact you, join groups that are relevant to your dream career and interact with the community to prove your passion, you might even impress some influential people in these groups. Take it a step further and reach out to the people that work for the business you have applied for and make conversation. Building on these possible friendships will always be beneficial, regardless of whether you get the job, but it will increase the likelihood of securing the position.

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