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It's good to talk

16th November 2020
It's good to talk

Strange? Unprecedented? Whatever adjectives we use to describe "these times" it is essential to keep communicating with customers, staff and the wider world to maintain a sense of normality and reassure people that we are here to support them.

The way businesses work, and the location of many workforces has evolved and adapted since the first national lockdown, back in March. With the latest four week lockdown period now in place, the trend for remote working will likely continue beyond lockdown, and the ways that companies have adapted to serve customers will be a lasting legacy of 2020.

One of the first things we prioritised as we went into lockdown was planning our corporate communications. Not just to our clients, but our teams as well. Here are the four key areas we considered when making our plans:

Talk more, not less

We decided to increase the frequency of messaging and keep the tone of voice informal. Ultimately we are talking to people, whether they are the business owner, marketing head or finance team.

Stay true to you

Make sure that what you are saying and how you are saying it has a good fit with the personality of your business. Show that you understand your audience. Now is the time to show your human side but avoid messaging that jars with your overall persona.

Rest assured

We are all seeking more assurance from people we trust at the moment. Your customers and teams will be looking to your business to offer that security and stability over the weeks ahead.

Don't be shy

Acknowledge the situation and detail your response to it. How are you adapting your approach to ensure the safety of your teams and keep the business productive? Give a behind the scenes account of working life that your audience can relate to.

In summary, there is no one right way to respond to an unusual situation. Gut feel counts for a lot. We would advise you to have courage in your convictions when it comes to your communications over the coming weeks. If you would like support and guidance from b4b marketing to help formulate your communications plan, please get in touch.

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