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Five steps in how to be successful online - Step Five

3rd April 2018
Five steps in how to be successful online - Step Five

The fifth step to starting a successful digital business is connecting with your customers on multiple platforms online. After creating a modern and responsive website with engaging content, and continuously increasing your brand awareness to your target audience it’s time to branch out and increase your social media presence. Social media should be a big part of your business, you have the potential to increase your brand’s online exposure to a national and even global scale. 

Step Five - Connecting on different platforms

71% of customers say they are more likely to purchase products from a brand they follow on social media, but why does following a business online encourage purchases? It’s simple. When you follow a brand on social media either through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin you are seeing an active business that wants to keep you updated with their new products and services. Therefore, customers are gaining more trust for the brand which gives potential clients more incentive to follow or like the page. 

At Bespoke 4 Business, our social media team have daily first-hand experience providing impressive results for our clients in the UK. For a recent client we increased their social media page likes and brand exposure by 275%, do you want the same results? For more advice or information about how social media can help your business, contact the team on 01202 68400 today.

Social media is a great platform to connect with new and returning customers. It’s a fast and easy way to respond to enquiries about your business and it’s not surprising to learn that 80% of customers prefer to connect with brands on Facebook. Customers can easily search for a business and instantly privately message them on Facebook, or comment on public posts you share. Customers can also leave 5 star rated reviews for your business, this lets visitors see your customer service skills in your business, and online especially when dealing with positive or negative reviews. Having a consistent and professional brand voice throughout your social media platforms is key, that can be created with our brand development team. 

Are you apart of the 53% of small businesses that create a social business page as an engagement tool for customer support? You need to be! You will increase customer interest and satisfaction by offering a service to customers where they can get fast information. With a total of 3.393 billion collective monthly users on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter, you can easily spread your brand awareness with a social profile targeting potential customers. Social media keeps a business up to date with modern audiences, a positive digital presence helps you stand out from the crowd and from your competitors. 

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