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Choosing a digital marketing agency: 3 step guide

27th June 2019
Choosing a digital marketing agency: 3 step guide

Hiring a new employee can be a tricky process in itself, let alone adopting an entire team! Find a digital marketing agency that suits you by following the 3 simple steps outlined below...

1) Find a team that believes in and will engage with your own company values

Your chosen digital marketing agency should act as an extension of your existing team. To ensure that your employees gel well with your new marketing team, get to know the values of the company and assess whether they align with your own.

Having worked with businesses in a range of industries, including insurance, automotive, home improvements, construction and property to name just a few, we’re proud of our ability to work fluidly with our clients’ core values and showcase them via their chosen marketing streams.

2) Choose an agency that offers a comprehensive service

If you’ve chosen to outsource your marketing, it’s likely you don’t have an in-house team. Save time and money by choosing a digital marketing agency that can manage and enhance each of your digital marketing channels, without the need to go elsewhere for particular services.

We’re proud to offer a complete online marketing service, with departments covering email marketing, SEO, PPC, social media, website design and development, PR and lead generation. We even have a sister company, b4b promotions, who can help with your print and offline requirements!

3) Highlight your goals and find a team that is driven to help you achieve them

There’s no point paying a digital marketing agency to run campaigns for you if they aren’t working towards the same goals as you are. Finding an agency that understand your marketing goals and can clearly demonstrate how they will help you achieve them is key.

As a team of experienced digital marketing specialists, we are driven by results and take great pride in helping our clients to surpass their goals; taking their business to the next level with targeted campaigns and expertly executed strategies.


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