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Calling all Estate Agents and Letting agencies!

21st April 2017
Calling all Estate Agents and Letting agencies!

As an estate agent or letting agent, the effectiveness of your website is essential for converting prospective buyers and vendors into contacting you.

With almost all property searches starting online and a large majority of these searches being performed on a mobile device, a positive and efficient user experience is a must.

It is important to ascertain how visitors are arriving at your website and how efficiently they can find the content that they want in as short a time as possible.

Understanding how effective your website is can be achieved by using tracking software such as Google Analytics. Here, you can measure how the average page load time, which if it is a second too long opening, can disrupt the user journey and potentially mean you lose your customer or prospect.

With search engines like Google including page load time as one of the factors when choosing which sites to index, ensuring that your website speed is up to scratch has never been more important.

When should you redo your website?

So, when is an appropriate time to redo your website? As a rule of thumb, we would recommend doing this every 2 years. There are many factors to consider when reviewing your website, you may be going through a re-brand or simply want to freshen up your website or add new functionality. Perhaps your existing website has not been optimised for mobile devices or it simply doesn’t have the wow factor that you require.

At Bespoke 4 Business, we have helped several estate agents improve their online presence by creating user-friendly, attractive and goal-orientated websites. We have created three distinctive user groups which includes the vendor, the potential buyer and agency staff.

Identifying your audience

For prospective buyers, strong imagery is everything, a photo can paint a thousand words and really showcase the property to its full potential. It is important to utilise video where possible, especially to demonstrate any unique features or properties.

An effective search functionality is vital, as this will allow the prospective buyer to refine the search results and really find the property or properties that they are looking for. Highlighting key property highlights at a glance such as number of bedrooms, average square foot and parking information is also incredibly handy for a positive user experience. 

A strong call-to-action where a prospective buyer can enquire or request more information is a critical component of any website and it is important to make this as obvious and accessible as possible.

For more information about how Bespoke 4 Business can help you with your estate agency website or help drive targeted traffic to an existing website, please contact a member of the team on 01202 684400 or leave us a message requesting a callback here.

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