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The business benefits of A/B testing

19th February 2018
The business benefits of A/B testing

A/B testing is an excellent tool for marketers looking to improve their goal conversion rates. It is an experimental method used to gather insight into audience prefences and behaviour by comparing two variants against each other by performance through analytics.

What is A/B testing?

Simply put, A/B testing is a process which marketers use to gain an insight into their audience’s preferences and behaviour to ultimately improve conversion rates. This is achieved by experimenting with two different versions of a webpage, e-shot or app and showing these variants to similar visitors or receivers at random. The variant with the highest conversion rate wins, as it is evidently more successful with your audience in achieving your targets.

How does A/B testing work?

A/B testing allows you to trial potential changes against your current method in order to determine which changes will improve, or damage, your conversion rates. The changes made between variants A and B can be as small as a header change in an e-shot to a full webpage redesign, but the goal is always to find out which change is the most beneficial for your business.

Once you have established variants A and B, half of your traffic will be shown the original and half will be shown the edited version. It’s essential that you set up your analytics correctly in order to record user experience, activity and conversions correctly, so that you can get an accurate result, otherwise A/B testing is useless!

How can A/B testing benefit your business?

A/B testing allows you to trial potential changes against your current methods in order to determine which changes will improve your conversion rates. By making progressive changes to your marketing strategy by gathering continuous data, you can make informed decisions as to what your customers most appreciate and want to see from you without blind guessing every decision. Changing only one element at a time will help you pinpoint exactly which changes prove most beneficial to your conversion rates and will allow you to continuously improve your user experience.

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