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Manage Jobs

Once an estimate or quote has been accepted and you need to schedule in a new job, our Apps In The Cloud functionality really excels.

We can create at-a-glance diaries for your employees so that you can allocate jobs easily and efficiently. The key to viewing diaries when managing jobs is that everything is viewable in one place and it’s all colour-coded so you can easily see the status of each job.

You can drag-and-drop diary slots easily and move them to another date if re-scheduling. There are also customisable views so that you can choose what you want to see on each job booking so the diary does not look too cluttered. You can then simply click on each job booking to see more detailed information about the customer and requirements.

Once a job has been assigned, you can easily monitor the progress and generate various performance reports including:

  • Jobs awaiting payment
  • Jobs scheduled for a particular period
  • Jobs quoted but did not convert
  • Jobs that needed a re-visit

Staff can log in to the system, either remotely or in the office, to update the status of each job. Any notes, scans, photos or drawings can be uploaded and attached to each job.

Manage each job from enquiry to completion

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