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When it comes to conveying your marketing visually, illustration can easily set you apart from your competition.

Not only can it give your brand personality, originality and a personal touch, it can lead to much higher engagement with your company.  Just think of the social media posts on Facebook and Instagram that garner the most interest.  If you want people to remember you and what your business can offer, using illustration rather than usual stock photography can work wonders.

We’ve all visited a website that looks all too similar to another site, using the same layout and run-of-the-mill stock photography.  Adding illustrations will allow you to convey your brand message in a way that grabs attention and paints your business in the best possible light. 

Within our team of marketing experts we have very talented graphic designers that specialise in illustration.  Whilst we appreciate that illustrations aren’t right for every business, they certainly have a place in a number of marketing campaigns – just look at the ones we’ve done for recent clients.

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Benefits of Illustration for Brands

  • Unique, original and completely bespoke to your business
  • Give your brand personality & approachability
  • Stock images or photography may not fit your brand; illustrations have endless possibilities
  • Brand characters or mascots can help us remember a brand more easily
  • Bespoke illustrations can convey your exact brand message
  • Illustrations are timeless and can easily be adapted or refreshed to keep up with new trends

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