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\ Carpet Cleaning Franchise Social Case Study

Carpet Cleaning Franchise Social Case Study

The Brief

An existing client contacted us for advice as he was looking to franchise his carpet cleaning business and wanted to generate interest from potential franchisees all over the UK. After researching the options, we advised that a social media campaign focusing on Facebook would be the ideal medium.

The Solution

We set up the Facebook account on behalf of our client and our in-house graphic designer created a series of cartoon style images promoting the benefits of our client’s franchise business. The brief was to attract and engage our audience to incite an enquiry from interested people looking to become franchisees. We were confident that our suite of colourful and quirky cartoons would fit the bill.

No1 Carpet Cleaning Socail Media images

No1 Carpet Cleaning Socail Media images

No1 Carpet Cleaning Socail Media images

Our Strategy

Our strategy was to build momentum immediately with one Facebook post per day for the first two weeks. This would allow us to reach a big audience in super quick time giving the venture a kick-start.

As Facebook allows you to define your audience, so you’re interacting with interested people rather than adopting a scatter gun approach, we were able to target our audience to males and females, aged 20 to 55 living throughout the UK that had expressed an interested in franchising and carpet cleaning. This gave us a potential audience of one million Facebook users to target.



Within the first week, we had reached over 14,500 people, generated over 500 clicks through to the client’s website and they were contacted by 30 people interested in more details. One in fact, started training the very next day!



The campaign has proved more successful than the client had hoped for and he has numerous enquiries from potential franchisees that he is following up. He has indicated that in several months he will be looking to expand into Scotland so we will be implementing a similar campaign.


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