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UK consumers more smartphone savvy than their US counterparts

11th October 2016
UK consumers more smartphone savvy than their US counterparts

According to a new report, UK consumers are more smartphone-oriented than their US counterparts with 81% of Brits using a smartphone compared to 68% of Americans.

The report by Verto Analytics also revealed that peak app usage happens around commuting time and that 35% of those user based in the UK are mobile only, meaning their only device to browse the internet is a smartphone or tablet.

Knowing that such a high percentage of the population use smartphones in high frequency and on a daily basis gives UK businesses a massive marketing opportunity.

Other insights gathered from the study showed that the most popular apps were social media based with every UK consumer using at least one platform and spending on average nearly two hours per day on them in micro-sessions of thirty two 3.5 minute bursts.

Interestingly, while nearly a similar number in the US use social apps, they spend longer on them, both in time spent overall per day (2.24 hours) and per session (8.25 minutes).

Valuable insights like this may help businesses shape their social media marketing - for example, crafting easy to digest, simplified information with eye-catching graphics may grab consumers in the UK more easily.

Statistics revealed that the big name publishers are still leading the way when it comes to mobile-only users per month - Facebook had 18 million monthly users, Google and Amazon had 17 milllion each followed by the BBC at 16 million.

Interestingly, the report also gives a breakdown of what services are most widely used by mobile-users.  Amazon Kindle has a 99% mobile user base, then Dropbox with 73%, and Spotify at 48%.

General mobile apps that get the most mobile users in the UK are Facebook (71%), NatWest (60%) and Whatsapp (58%).

Whilst interesting stats, they also have relevance for today’s businesses looking to increase their marketing efforts by adopting a social media marketing strategy.

As one of Dorset's leading digital marketing agencies, here at Bespoke 4 Business, we have a team of social media experts who work with businesses to devise a social media strategy that sits alongside and enhances their other digital marketing activity.  Our specialists, who have experience in all areas of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Blogging and more, are able to advise clients which social media platforms will work best for them.

Once the right social media platforms have been selected, our marketing experts can help design company profiles and if required, manage the accounts on an on-going basis by creating engaging content and posts. They will also build followers and likes across all social media accounts so that their brand exposure is building all the time.

As well as dramatically raising brand awareness, having an integrated social media marketing strategy also helps the performance of a company’s website as posts and updates will drive traffic to the site.  The more visitors to a site, the more authoritative and relevant it is perceived in the eyes of Google and other search engines. This in turn will help to increase search engine rankings. 

For more information regarding social media marketing, please call us on 01202 684400 or complete the callback request form below.

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