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Is 2017 the year for a new website...?

16th January 2017
Is 2017 the year for a new website...?

As we plough head first into the new year, you’re probably full of optimism and energy for making 2017 your best year yet.  Fresh new marketing initiatives and new targets for sales will have been discussed, but what about making your online presence a real focus for your business in 2017?

Here are 5 reasons we think you should invest in a new website in 2017, and why it’s the first step towards getting serious about making digital part of your marketing efforts for the new year.


Does your website offer a poor experience to users on the move?

Mobile internet browsing is huge. A report from comScore in 2016 showed that mobile represents 65 percent of digital media time, while the desktop is becoming a "secondary touch point" for an increasing number of digital users.

More and more of us are consuming websites on the move as well as when the feeling takes us, by impulsively searching for services we require or products we might need, such as during an ad break whilst sitting on the sofa watching TV.

As a business you can’t ignore this change in the way people are searching the internet. You need to ensure that your website not only looks great but also offers a seamless user experience (UX) on mobile devices (not forgetting desktop ones). If not, you’re undoubtedly putting yourself in danger of losing out on potential business.

Even if your current website is mobile responsive so it adjusts when viewed on a range of different devices, if it was created even just a couple of years ago, chances are there are improvements that can be made now we know more about how users interact with responsive websites.

If you haven’t already, 2017 is the perfect time to redesign your website to put mobile users first.

What’s more, Google are now determining how your website ranks by crawling your website on a mobile device rather than the previous desktop version. This could mean that if you’re site isn’t mobile-friendly you’ll see a drop in your rankings. 

Is the content on your website still communicating the right message?

Often left as the last job to do in a web design project, content is actually one of the most important elements of your website.

Words can be extremely powerful in converting your website visitors into customers and clients. Link up fantastic design with great content and you’re on to a winner.

Much of the content on many business websites is not regularly refreshed and updated, so it makes your website appear extremely neglected and out-of-date. This can lead to projecting a totally different message to the one you intended.

The websites that work well often have content written in a way that addresses the issues your clients or potential clients might be facing and how you can help resolve them.  If your site is all about you, you, you then it’s time for a change! 

A website redesign is the perfect time to re-evaluate your message and update your content so it’s fresh and relevant to your audience.

Can your visitors easily find what they need or complete an action on your website?

Can visitors find the information they’re looking quickly and easily on your website? Is the content you’re displaying compelling enough for them to make contact?

If your visitors can’t find what they need or carry out tasks they want to complete on your website, then it’s ineffective and a complete waste.  This is where carrying out UX (user experience) testing on your site becomes even more important.  By following the user journey through your website, you’ll soon see where the pitfalls are so you can correct them before they lead to you losing out on potential business.

Are you using video on your website?

It will probably come as no surprise to you that video is everywhere online and insight from Groupon Works has revealed that in 2017, video will take up 69% of all consumer web traffic (the equivalent of 4 times as much as web browsing and time spent emailing).

Creating highly valuable, useful and entertaining videos and publishing them on YouTube and other social media channels is a great way to generate traffic to your website.  You can also do it the other way too - include video on your website and link to it from your social channels. Google loves video content too so it will do wonders for you in the SERPs (search engine page rankings).

Admittedly, the way which you use video on your website will differ depending on the type of business you’re in, for example, if you’re selling a product or service, why not have an introductory video created especially for your website, and then add it in prime position on the homepage. You’ll probably see an increase in conversions almost immediately.

Do you have a clear ‘digital strategy’?

Having a ‘digital strategy’ in 2017 is something that all businesses need to have in place and it’s often your website that’s the centrepiece that brings it all together.

Put simply, a digital strategy is the process of specifying your vision, goals and opportunities and identifying the related digital activities that will help you achieve them.

For example, your digital strategy might be made up of:

  • Regular social media posts on your business Twitter / Facebook pages,
  • Creation of videos on your YouTube channel and website educating users on your products or services
  • Writing and publishing interesting and relevant articles in the blog or news section on your website
  • Regular email newsletters to your customer list informing them of special offers and promotions and recycling content you’ve posted on your website
  • Email marketing to identified prospects that you can promote to

Your website will be the central hub and all your digital activities should point people back to it, and if people are impressed by what they see, it will hopefully convert those visitors into customers.

The turn of a new year is the perfect time to really think about your online presence and that inevitably starts with your website. Don’t be one of those businesses that sit back and before they know it, their website is four, five even six years old and is turning off potential clients. Take into consideration our points above and maybe give us a call and arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss how we can help with your digital marketing strategy.  Call us on 01202 684400 or complete the call back request below.

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